What to expect

Naturopathy is a holistic complementary medicine that involves a thorough assessment of all factors that have contributed to your health both in the past and present.

The initial consultation is 60 minute duration will involve a thorough assessment of your medical history with a focus on your current health goals, concerns and expectations. Physical examinations and routine testing may be performed and if required functional laboratory testing may be ordered to give further insight into your current state of health.

Extend consultations are booked after your initial consultation to discuss in detail your treatment plan with a detailed report for you to take home. Return consultations are 30 minutes duration and will booked if necessary after your initial diagnosis and treatment plan. The 30 minute consultation will allow you to discuss and assess your treatment  and progress with your health.

Acute consultations are for existing patients only that have an immediate health complaint requiring treatment. The 15 minute consultation will allow for an assessment of acute condition and treatment required.

Naturopathic Consultations Schedule of Fees

  • Initial consultation (60 minutes) ~ $168.20
  • Extended Consultation (45 minutes) ~ $130.20
  • Return consultation (30 minutes) ~ $ 101.50
  • Acute consultation (15 minutes) ~ $57.80

Location (in person)
Remed Clinic
205 Main Rd, Lower Plenty, VIC 3093
Phone: 1300 173633

Online Consults

For distance or mobile consultations via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime you can book a consult with me below.
**Student/Pensioner concessions available

Free health chat – 20 minutes

Initial Consultation – 1 hour @$168.20

Extended Consultation – 45 minutes @$130.20

Return Consultation – 30 minutes @$101.50

Acute Consultation – 15 minutes @$57.80